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Our Mission: To deliver the highest quality service by protecting our community through risk reduction, emergency response, and public service.

Our Vision: We are committed to become a nationally recognized, full-service Fire Department.

Our Core Values: Service Partnership Integrity Respect Innovation Trust


 Safety Information

Your Abilene Fire Department believes in promoting total injury prevention. These pages provide good information about several safety topics. These are suggestions or guidelines ONLY. 

Address (House Number)

Agricultural Fire Safety

Aggressive Driving (Road Rage)

Arson Awareness

Arts and Crafts


Appliance Safety

ATV (all terrain vehicle) 4 wheelers, etc.


Bedroom Safety

Bicycle Helmets (Kids speak out)

Bicycle Facts

Bicycles at night

Bites and Stings

Calling 911

Carbon Monoxide

Childcare Checklist 

Child Safety

Child Seats/Seatbelts

Clothes Dryers

Combine & Tractor Fires

Compressed Gas Cylinders


Curling Irons


Driving Safety

Elderly Home Safety Checklist 

Electrical Receptacle Outlets

Emergency Check List

Escape Planning

Exit Drills In The Home (EDITH)

Extension Cords

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Place Safety

First Aid

Flood Safety

Flood Tips

Garage Doors

Gas Grills

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)

Grass Fire Prevention

Gun Safety

Hazardous Materials around the home


Halloween Safety

Holiday Decorations

Holiday Safety

Home Safety Checklist

Inhalant Abuse

Inline Skates

Kitchen Safety



Lawn Safety

Lawn Mowers

Lead Poison 

Mobile Home Safety

Motorcycle Safety

M.S.D.S. Sheets

Night Lights

Paint Stripper

Paper Shredders 

Playground Checklist

Poison Checklist

Poison Prevention

Poison (Lock them up)

Pool Safety 

Pool Chemical Safety

Portable Generators

Potpourri Pots Safely

Power Tools

Pressure Washers

Riding Mower Safety

Refrigerators (Old or Abandoned)

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Safety for the elderly

Safety in the rural areas

Scooter Safety

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Smoke Detectors

Smoking and Matches

Snake Bites

Space Heaters

Space Heaters (Electric)

Sports Injuries

Stop Drop and Roll

Summer storm safety

Swimming Safety

The nature of fire

Tornado Safety


Trampoline Safety

Weed Trimmers


Window/door bars

Winter Driving

Winter Safety


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When was the last time you tested your smoke detectors ?
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Emergency Notification

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