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Our Mission: To deliver the highest quality service by protecting our community through risk reduction, emergency response, and public service.

Our Vision: We are committed to become a nationally recognized, full-service Fire Department.

Our Core Values: Service Partnership Integrity Respect Innovation Trust



Our Public Education Officers host the M.I.M.E.S. Fire Camp.  M.I.M.E.S., Mentoring Industrious Minds and Educating Students, is a job related mentoring program coordinated by the Abilene Independent School District.  Participants learn about our profession, receive safety demonstrations, and participate in other fun activities.
Students learn C.P.R. and other life saving techniques.
They get to learn how the Abilene Fire Department as well as Firefighting in general work. They actually get to do some "hands on" practicing with projects such as, Ladder Truck operations, hose handling, search & rescue and Haz-Mat operations.
While there are some serious things learn such as "daily duties" or "chores" around the fire station (sweeping, mopping, cleaning, etc) There was also some humorous and fun things. Somehow during hose practice, a thunderstorm occurred and caused such heavy mist or rain, that we all got a little wet. Maybe some fun activities like this is what all jobs need!
The Abilene Fire Department is privileged to spend time with this great bunch of young people. Many thanks to all the firefighters, teachers, and parents that helped make all this possible.

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